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Privacy section updated!

Online privacy is a big issue and one we should all take absolutely seriously, and it's set to become even more so, and at a faster speed than we realise. The new security section is as a result of extensive research on the state of play of both threats and defenses, carried out in Oct / Nov 2014. Have a read and find out what I did in a fraction of the time.

Now ask yourself a question: With what trackers already know, from facebook, phone geolocation etc., what happens when your online activity gets matched to loyalty cards (or other) purchases in supermarkets, or your posts and comments are run through lexical analysers? If you don't pay for the product, then you probably are the product.

My concern is that these digital footprints will eventually turn into a digital tattoo that follows you everywhere, and over which you will have little (if any) control. Will the digital shrink skew the world's perceptions of who we really are?

What is Angelinux?

Angelinux is my own spin of Linux from Scratch. The ultimate goal is to create a functionality to automate the build. The obvious reason being that while it's very educational to do, timewise, it's a pain where you don't want one!

So, by automating the tedium, more of this time can be spent on the real benefits of customisation such as packages and kernel. This is even more painful, BUT it's a once-off so it's worth it.

Still under heavy construction...

In the coming weeks (and months), I'm hoping to retrieve the material from the previous iteration of this site, and most of that will be available in the linux section.

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